Welcome to the PZ!!

2016 In the PZ will focus on creating a new you. I have a vision to transport you through a series of Destiny Steps designed to show you how to take the pursuit of your purpose to realistic levels.  So if challenges, devastation, abuse, layoffs, illness, crisis or divorce are part of the story of your life – The Purpose Zone is for you.

It’s time for Personal upgrades:  Combat the mindset that says reading and is a waste of time. I’m constantly amazed about the number of people who tell me they don’t read. They don’t read newspapers, books or magazines. The influence of Oprah’s Book Club helped thousands of Americans admit they had not picked up a book in years. In fact, if you’re among the hundreds of people who have asked me to help them write a book or set up a publishing company, you know that I will direct you to read at least 3 books – one of them written by me – to help with that process.

Surround yourself with positive people: I invited Dennis Williams editor of The Spiritual Voice Newspaper, and Ben Hasan editor of The Urban Pro Weekly into The PZ radio broadcast to discuss what it takes to provide valuable journalistic services to the CSRA community. Then, all the way from the Larry King Show (CNN), Cedric Bills joined me to talk about living a life of purpose with a disability after serving in the military. Authors Sandy Geroux and Chris Gloss discussed getting out of the way of our own success, the role Emotional IQ plays in that process, and how to create a new you. I’ll be sharing audio clips of those shows with you throughout the year.

I lost my best friend in 2015. She died suddenly and unexpectedly from an illness she didn’t know she had. How often have you heard me say this: Your purpose means nothing if you’re not healthy enough to pursue it? In 2016, let’s not talk about it, let’s be about it. Follow through with every health resolution you’ve made for the new year.

Of course, you can look forward to The J (that’s me) covering news reports about domestic violence and abuse issues on TheJNewsWeekly.com.

But here in the PZ, we’ll explore rising above the challenges of setbacks and equip you with information so that you can create recovery strategies, and have resources to Survive, Get a Life, and Do Your Destiny!  So tune in, read on, spread the word, and post your comments on the blog.


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