Success Strategies for 2016

Marilyn Joyce Maze/Augusta,GA:  Success strategies are often the result of a natural process of reflection. The result of these reflections can be quickly forgotten as the months slip away. How easy it is to find yourself at the beginning of another season of reflection – wondering if another project will be worth your time.

George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans) once said: “It’s never too late to be what you could have been”. How true; and through the years, I’ve had the privilege of coaching a lot of people who felt this way about their purpose. Having the desire to Do Your Destiny is the essential first step to achieving your purpose, but there’s more. Allow me to share a few important success strategies with you.

*     Keep doing what you’re doing

There’s so much excitement generated by the desire to get started that it can sometimes override good judgment. How many times have you heard someone complain about the fact that their husband or wife is no longer contributing to their financial obligations because he or she quit their job (prematurely) in order to start an MLM (multilevel marketing) type of business? Maybe they started a ministry, or a ‘real estate in a box’ business. Perhaps they’ve gone into debt to invest in exercise equipment, a gym membership, diet foods, or computer equipment they’ve never actually used.

Avoid making drastic changes that will create too much immediate chaos with those you love. Too many people give up on their goals when they don’t have the support of family and close friends. Alienating them from the onset may cost you more than you’re willing to pay in the long run.

*     Legitimize your credentials

Are you starting a business this year? Writing a book? Setting up an office from which to run your operation? Whatever you plan to do, make sure that you are qualified to do it. Many times people have a natural talent or ability to provide products or services to the public: sewing, painting, selling items on Ebay, or event planning may fall into that category. But there are some fields of expertise that require a license or special certification. If that’s the case, you should pursue your purpose by taking ownership of the process. Instead of renting office space, invest the time, money and energy into training for credentials that will qualify you to be a legitimate competitor in the industry.

*     Market your credibility

The success of doing your destiny may depend upon a creative marketing campaign. The internet offers advantages that have become as traditional as radio, newspaper and television. Whatever services you’re selling, your website and other materials should reflect your credibility. For example, if you own a car lot, when potential customers visit your website there should not be 3 pages of preaching and scripture before they see the first car for sell. If you own a cleaning service, your website and brochures should tell potential customers about the services you offer, prices, and contact information. You may be a very devout Christian, but that’s not the product you’re selling. If you do have a ministry in addition to a business, separate them. Set up separate ministry products (brochures, websites, etc) from your business products.

Through the years, there have been a number of business scams done in the name of religion and people no longer assume that doing business with a religious person will be a better experience than doing business with another organization. Being a Christian doesn’t tell the public that they’re going to get a better deal because you advertise your faith in connection with your business. Let your business advertising reflect your business credibility, experience and the advantage of doing business with you. For example: 18 years of experience, ranked #1 in the state, or we open earlier and close late for your convenience.

If the pursuit of your purpose has nothing to do with business this year, don’t cast your pearls before swine. In other words, work on your destiny quietly. It’s really not anyone else’s business what you’re working on unless you can deal with the criticism that it may bring. Everyone is not going to celebrate you. And if you’re not strong enough to be your own cheerleader, we may be meeting here at this same time next year to talk about this same thing. It is time for you to pursue your purpose and Do Your Destiny!

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